Fun Faces by Lori, LLC

I've listed some common questions and answers below.  Please contact me if you have a question that isn't here.
Q.  How far in advance to do I need to reserve a date?
A.  While I may be able to book an event on short notice, I prefer 3-4 weeks or more to ensure enough prep time and avoid any scheduling conflicts.  Summer months tend to book quickly, and may require more lead time.

Q.  How many people can you paint in an hour?
A.  On average, I can paint 10-12 faces per hour. I recommend at least a two hour minimum for most events.  ‚Äč

Q.  Are your paints safe?
A.  Absolutely.  I only use FDA approved face makeup and cosmetic grade glitters to help prevent allergic reactions.  They are easily removed with soap and water.  There are painters out there who use craft paint which contains harmful chemicals that will damage the skin.  Always ask to be sure that your painter is using makeup made specifically for the face and body.  Glitter used on the face should be cosmetic grade, polyester glitter with rounded edges to protect from damage to the eye that a square-cut metallic craft glitter can cause.

Q.   Do you donate your time to charitable organizations?
A.   Yes, I do and would be happy to discuss your organization's special event needs.

Q.  Can you do theme parties?
A.  Yes, I can do all types of specialty themes.  Some popular theme parties include Princess Parties, Holiday parties, Mardi Gras, Halloween, Pirates, Easter, and more!

Call or email and we'll talk about it!

Lori Jaryga

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